Today we’d like to talk about marketing communication as a separate form of art, and new trends in this area.
According to social research media agencies, over the past few years, the amount of advertisements  placed on the Internet has exceeded the volume of TV ads, while classic commercials no longer work in a digital environment, because the viewer is more able to control the information consumed, skip and scroll what he does not like. The modern sophisticated user already knows what he wants, because we interact with the content to change our emotions. 
As a response to changing user needs, new media trends in advertising have come. One of these is a sensory video, where media artists create visual-sound images that evoke a variety of sensations on a physical and emotional level. For example, you can feel the taste, aroma, wind, lightness of the texture. To experience relaxation, visual and aesthetic satisfaction. The main emphasis goes from sensations to the product, and not vice versa. 
The content itself is entertaining, enjoyable and has more chances for self-distribution by users in social networks, something they want to share. The advertising component in such videos not that aggressive, it is one of the modern types of native advertising. As digital artists, we are constantly exploring the rapidly changing digital area, so we invited a client to  join our creative experiment to create this sensual  commercial that could delight the viewer.
Vlad Tkachuk
Roman Tsukanov
Vitaly Yakin
Anton Fedorov
Alexander Panin
Alyona Bryntceva
Vadim Ermakov
Denis Ermakov
Dmitry Dorozhkin
Yaroslav Puninsky
German Emelyanov
Konstanin Gromov

Music: Pixelord
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